The Tree of Life Christian Ministries’ family hopes the information contained on these pages will generate a sense of urgency and compel you to get involved with the area of ministry God has called you to perform. We believe every man, woman, and child is strategically predestined to fulfill the purpose and covenant work of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Tree of Life Christian Ministries to aid you in the discovery and execution of your gifts and fruits, as God expects nothing less than a return on the vested interest he has in each of us.

Our motive is to teach the Doctrine of Christ (Heb 6:1), challenge false doctrine wherever it’s preached, press you to know God for yourself, give you something to ponder and to catch the thief who divines for money and has caused many to err from the faith and be destroyed…(Isaiah 56:10-12, Micah 3:11, Ezek 22: 27-28), you won’t leave the same as you came, and we promise you will get to use your bible. Our vision is both for the present and the future. We intend to impact the greatest number of souls possible through membership and the various outreach programs offered by this ministry. The following pages are designed to inform our visitors, involve, and integrate every member (man, woman, and child) into active ministry. This can be accomplished if everyone takes up his cross and follows Jesus. We do hope you will get involved.

Our spiritual intentions and prayers are directed by the unction and leadership of the Holy Spirit. He is prompting us to carry out and establish God’s covenant without delay. This can best be accomplished through continual fellowship and interaction throughout the Body of Christ. We must share in a commitment to roll up our sleeves and put our hands to the plow. We must spend time studying, fasting, praying, and meditating in God’s word. We will then experience the excitement and discovery of God’s counsel for the direction and future of His church.

Nothing less than complete obedience to God’s thoughts, will, and ways shall sustain us in the times to come. We reiterate to our membership, get involved; and to our visitors and friends, join us as we grow into the fullness of God’s glory.

Pray without ceasing with us and for us.