Our Pastors


Since its founding, the Tree of Life Christian Ministries has been under the pastorate of Pastor James J. Robinson. Pastor Robinson was born on September 17, 1945, in Washington, DC. At a young age, he was introduced by his parents to the church environment, and at the age of 9 became an altar boy at a local Catholic church. Fascinated by the ritual of praise, he began to develop an intense desire for prayer and being around the church. By the age of 12, the desire for a closer relationship with God was at the center of his interest. It was at this point, early on a Saturday morning, that he wandered into the sanctuary of his local church and was compelled by a broken spirit and a contrite heart to give himself totally to God. With communion host in hand, he knelt at the foot of the altar and began to pray a Robprayer of contrition. Suddenly, as he gave himself communion, he experienced an indescribable encounter with the Spirit of God. Frightened and uncertain about this experience, he left the church in a hurry. Afraid to tell anyone, he pondered his encounter. The following Saturday, he found himself back at the foot of the altar only to have virtually the same experience.

No longer uncertain and with full assurance from within, Pastor Robinson knew and understood this to be his call to the ministry. He expressed a desire to go into the priesthood, but unlike Samuel, there was no Eli in his life to instruct or to encourage him. His attempts to become a Catholic priest met with opposition and, finally, rejection. He eventually left the Catholic Church; and like most young people with no instruction, he began to wander and experience the magnetic draw of the cares of this world. After constant disobedience to the small still voice which never left him, he suddenly found himself on the path to certain destruction. It was at this very low point in his life that he came to himself and cried the name of Jesus. The 90-foot waves ceased to rage. The thunderstorms stopped and the lightening disappeared.
With a compelling desire to go into the ministry restored, the opposition from family, friends and those who felt the call to ministry must be accompanied by a doctorate would in no way deter his determination to serve the Spirit of the Living God. Since that Saturday years ago, Pastor Robinson has invested hundreds of hours in the saving of souls, Bible studies, counseling sessions, sleepless nights, and time alone in the wilderness with the Spirit of God. All of this was in preparation for his call to the ministry.

Setting the balance between ministry and being a husband to his lovely wife Marcia and father to three wonderful children Portia, Nicole and Christopher and three gorgeous grands Akkirah, Chris Jr and Khyl’e. Little did either of them know that the same call to ministry was being carried out in his lovely wife, Marcia. As nothing could be better than a husband and wife team working together to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, it was on April 28, 1996, that Reverend Marcia was ordained by her husband and pressed into active ministry as an assistant pastor at her husband’s side.
Pastor James and Reverend Marcia Robinson have a very strong commitment to the charge mandated to them by God: to teach his word in order to stamp out spiritual and biblical ignorance in the church, save souls, and make disciples to impact the family and the community. Destined to do great things in Jesus, together Pastor James and Reverend Marcia Robinson willingly give their lives and possessions as servants of the most high God and the people they have been called to lead. In all that they say and do, they continuously give God all the praise, honor, and glory for the opportunity to be his humble servants.