Ministerial Staff

Rev. Eric Thompson Sr.

Ministerial Staff

Rev. Eric D. Thompson Sr.

Was born in Tallahassee, Florida, raised in the church and called to the ministry at the age of 19; later ordained as a Minister in 1998 under the leadership and training of Pastor Otis McCormick of New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ in North Pole, Alaska.  Rev. Eric is a dedicated husband and father of two with a passion for football, Outreach and Evangelism.  Rev. Eric obtained his Bachelor’s degree at American InterContinental University in Accounting and has actively pursued his passion of football where he is the Assistant Head Coach at National Christian Academy and is the CEO of his own Sports Training Program where he trains and builds potential in each athlete that he encounters. Rev. Eric has led Men’s groups, Youth groups, been a part of the Pastor’s Aid committee, taught Sunday school, and been a part of Audio/Visual ministries and preached all over the U.S. Now a member of Tree of Life Christian Ministries where he was ordained a Reverend and active on the Audio Ministry, he is excited about the growth of his family and where God is leading them.

Rev. Tameka Thompson

Ministerial Staff

Rev. Temeka Thompson

Was born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. Temeka is dedicated to touching the lives of God’s people through singing, writing and acting. After serving in the U.S. Air Force and surviving the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks at the Pentagon, Temeka has no doubt that she’s a chosen vessel.  Rev. Temeka attended both American InterContinental University where she received her MBA (Marketing) and DeVry University where she received her Master’s degree in Human Resources.

After separating from the Air Force, Rev. Temeka pursued ministering in song releasing her debut album, “Bow Down” and her career in Human Resources.  Rev. Temeka is a devoted wife and mother and loves being active in the community.  As a gifted writer, singer and arranger, her musical highlights are being awarded an International Independent charted gospel Artist; winning the 7th Annual IMA Vox Populi Album of the Year Award and being featured on the 2010 Stellar Award winning Oxon Hill Gospel Choir "Amazing" album.  While ministering for various ceremonies and events around the world she is still amazed at how awesome and faithful God is.

Rev. Temeka and her family were drawn to the Tree of Life Christian Ministries in 2012 for pastoral training, where they’ve grown tremendously and have learned how to truly apply God’s word to every area of their lives.  With a forever passion to worship God through song and acting, Rev. Temeka is an active member of the Tree of Life Christian Ministries where she co-leads the Praise Team and is also a Drama team member.  She’s excited about where God is taking her and her family and looking forward to everything He has in store for them.


Rev. Kim Newman

Ministerial Staff


Rev. Kimberly (Kim) Newman was ordained by Pastors Robinson as a minister of the gospel in October 2014 and has served in numerous community outreach events and ministries fulfilling her heart’s desire to serve God through serving others. And currently serves a youth leader and an intercessor at the Tree of Life Christian Ministries.

Rev. Kim has a passion for families: believing that families are the foundation of the Body of Christ. She has a heart to serve, strengthen and build up mothers and the husband/wife relationship. She desires to get parents in place where they can produce Godly seeds, children, mighty arrows perfectly designed to destroy what Satan has established on the earth.

While spending the majority of her time with her family serving her husband of almost 18 years and her 4 children, she also finds time to provide accounting services to small Christian-owned community service oriented business.  She holds a BA from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with a certificate in accounting.


And finally, if you speak to her for any length of time you will come to know her motto “Everything through Prayer!”

Rev. Sheannea Robinson

Ministerial Staff / Youth Ministry

Rev. Sheannea Robinson does not hail from a line of passionate preachers nor from faithful and pious parishioners.  She boasts of no prestigious alma mater and has no series of credentials following her name. Nurtured in a single parent household in Washington, D.C., she heard the call of God at 18 years old.  She became a minister in 2003 and spent the next 7 years in training under Pastor Louis G. Whiting, founder and Pastor of My Father’s House Christian Church.  After examination and approval, Rev. Sheannea was ordained as an Elder in 2007 and worked in ministry as an extension of the Pastoral office to the congregation. She has worked many years with inner-city teens and youth teaching the gospel of Christ in a way youth find engaging, creative and penetrating.  “I am so honored that God was mindful of me when I was a teenager, even though I wasn’t a church kid, that I am driven to inspire all youth to know the love of God which surpasses our understanding.”  Through God’s divine plan, Rev. Sheannea transitioned to the Tree of Life Christian Ministries in 2012 and after a year of intense ministerial internship she was ordained in October 2014 as a minister of the gospel and has proven to be a surrendered and valuable vessel in the hands of the Living God performing ministerial duties as an assistant to her pastors and serving as an effective teacher to adults and teens in Bible Study.

Rev. Martha Hall

Pastoral Council

Rev. Martha Hall was born in Buckingham, VA, on January 4, 1938, to Sarah Jefferson Harper and Samuel Harper. She is the second of two siblings. She grew up in Buckingham and attended segregated schools during her elementary and high school years. In June 1957, she graduated from Carter G. Woodson High School. In February 1958, she moved to Alexandria, VA, where she began work at Alexandria Hospital as a nourishment girl. In 1968, Rev. Hall attended the Alexandria Beauty Academy and in 1969 became a licensed beautician. Now retired she was a proprietor of Hall and Bailey House of Beauty.

After moving to Alexandria, she was introduced to Alexander John Hall, who became the light in her life. They were married on January 20, 1959. They have three beautiful children: Chiquita Hall Kyle, Debra Hall, and John Hall. She was baptized at the age of 9 at the Union Hill Baptist Church in Buckingham. In 1973, Rev. Hall went to a prayer meeting at the Rock of Ages Church in Washington, DC, where she experienced the power and baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Lord led her to join Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church. She attended Tuesday Night Bible School and in 1977 was ordained as a deaconess. She joined the prayer band and was a member of the Trustee Board and the gospel choir.

In October 1987, the Halls visited and later joined the Sanctuary of Praise in Alexandria. The preachers were coming and going, but the Halls stayed. Pastor James Robinson, the last pastor to come to the church, stayed. God gave him the vision to “go forth” and the Tree of Life Christian Ministries was born. The Halls were two of the original members and served on the Board of Directors. Over the years, Rev. Hall has been active in several ministries including intercessory prayer, family life, benevolence, and praise and worship. Currently, she serves as an intercessor and a teacher for the Believers 101 class.

Rev. Hall was ordained as a Minister of Intercession at the Tree of Life Christian Ministries on July 30, 2000. She learned to pray at an early age and developed a strong knowledge about praying. On May 17, 1987, she started a prayer line that is still in operation today. She is appointed as an intercessor and it is her work to intercede. Her great life’s work, like Christ’s, is intercession–to pray for believers and those who do not yet know God.

Rev. Ray Rose

Crisis Intervention

Rev. Ray T. Rose was born in Richmond Virginia to Pastor Lucy Rose where she and many others influence his life to the point where in he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at the age of twelve. He was ordained as a Minister He preached his trial sermon at the age of thirteen. Rev. Ray strayed from the church over the years but in spite of him, the Lord never left him. It took the passing away of his oldest brother Melvin and the prayers of the saints of the living God for him to come full circle fall on his knees and repent.  He has been a member of TOLCM since 2003 and is involved with many ministries, but his passions are Intercession Ministry, Mime Dancing and The Crisis Intervention and Resources Ministry (CIRM) which he heads. He loves the people of the most high and has a great desire to just be a servant priest.  Rev Ray loves to write songs, poems short stories, plays and has recorded most of his dreams since the age of twelve. He is founder and host of a radio program Christians Speaks. His favorite saying “Not by might nor by power; but by my Spirit says the Lord”.  Rev Ray has  become  a true cup of consolation and servants of the Most High. To God be the glory!!

Rev. Robyn White

Church Adminstrator

Rev. Robyn White was born in Emporia, VA, where she lived until the age of 10, at which time her family moved to New York. Rev. White moved from New York and her family to begin her life’s journey, which has taken her along many twists and turns. She currently lives in Waldorf, MD, with her daughter Rickee and son Erik.

In November of 1996, Rev. White found herself at an intersection along her life’s path, not knowing her destination nor the direction to take. It was at this time that she was invited to the Tree of Life Christian Ministries and introduced to a Man named Jesus who not only saved her but gave her a new life with purpose and direction. He has touched a portion within her that she did not know existed and now what exists inside her is more precious than anything on the outside. He is more than a Savior, more than a Comforter, more than a friend. He is her life. Without Him there would be no reason to live.

Under the leadership and tutelage of Pastors James and Marcia Robinson and the Ministerial staff at the Tree Of Life Christian Ministries, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Rev. White has grown in her relationship and commitment with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High God. She is the Church Administrator, a teacher in the Education Department of the Tree Of Life Christian Ministries ministering in the Youth Department, Spiritual Gifts Class, and Family Life Ministries Bible Study.  Rev. White also serves in several other capacities. Pastor James Robinson ordained her a Minister of the Gospel in January 2004.  She is purposed to reach within others in order to touch and engage that inner portion (the spirit which is created in God’s image) and empower the spirit in others as it has been empowered in her to overcome this world and stretch towards the path that will lead us all home.  Rev. White dies daily to fulfill her commission and is committed to the One who loved her so much that He died for her.