Nehemiah’s Redemption

Debt Reduction & Consolidation Without the Loan

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As a successful Real Estate Broker in the residential sales market with more than 38 years experience, Pastor James J. Robinson, from the beginning of his career as a salesman, became fascinated with the concepts of contracting, the wonders of compounding interest, and the techniques of creative financing. Having succeeded in these areas and with a desire to expand his expertise, he developed an equal fascination for the property management side of the business, where he would master the art of turning troubled properties around. For his success in this area, he received a Proclamation from the Prince George’s County Council and was one of only ten people in the State of Maryland to receive the Governor’s Citation in 1991.

During his tenure in property management, he was charged with the operation of as many as 5,000 units of rental property in both the private and public sectors. With direct responsibility for procurement, expenses, and the collection of millions of dollars, he quickly developed the values and rewards associated with sound stewardship practices. Having learned well in the secular environment, millionaire status was not only in sight, but was well within reach, when a 30-year old call from childhood to full time ministry began to beckon and became the center of his focus. More compelling than the deceitfulness of riches, the choice to pastor was an easy one. Immediately, he dropped his net, founded, and is currently the Senior Pastor of The Tree of Life Christian Ministries.

With his Real Estate experience and over 29 years of study in what he calls Biblical Economics, Pastor Robinson personally developed Nehemiah’s Redemption over the past 21 years and has been teaching it publicly for the past 15years. This seminar is relevant and timeless in content and techniques and has changed lives, impacted thousands across the country and has delivered thousands more from financial bondage. Bring your bible and expect all erroneous doctrine to be challenged with line upon line and precept upon precept biblically correct truth. Banker’s secrets. and a lively sometimes funny and sometimes painful delivery of truth will start your journey to freedom, by the time the Holy Spirit gets finish with you in this one, you’ll know you’ve been dealt with. You won’t leave the same as you came. Pastors are welcome!

Having applied what he teaches first to his own life and with 39% of his congregation debt free because of this seminar his motto is simple:

“The proof’s in the pudding and the result speaks clearly for itself..” (Hebrews 13:7)

Join us for the most dynamic seminar you have ever experienced! Biblical solutions and Bankers secrets that will accelerate you out of debt by as much as 80% of the length of time and save you as much as 75% of the usury (%) you have already agreed to pay. If you are not serious about getting out of debt this seminar is not for you, please don’t waste a seat, your time or ours…

While this seminar is free, the cost of this program to include Continental Breakfast, hand-out materials, advertisement, and facilities is sponsored by the Tree of Life Christian Ministries, and the free will offerings and donations of it’s participants and those who understand the value and continuation of this program. Your partnership or one time donation, as always will help us to help others. If you don’t have it to give pleased come anyway and be blessed.

Yours in Christ
Pastor Robinson