Community Relations

“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works . . . .” Hebrews 10:24

The Community Relations Division is primarily designed to develop proposals and provide for outreach to community-based organizations in order to seek financial, material, and physical aid to assist in all outreach efforts of the Tree of Life Christian Ministries. Members of this ministry communicate and interact with members and nonmembers in the body of Christ in the surrounding community and counties, including businesses, corporations, nonprofit and social service organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, prison facilities, and shelters to form an umbrella of resources. Specifically, the Community Relations Division:

  • Works closely and in conjunction with the Evangelism Ministry to make known area wide the intent, causes, and existence of the Tree of Life Christian Ministries
    Develops and distributes a newsletter to the members and friends of the local church
  • Seeks equipment and financial contributions from outside organizations such as United Givers Fund, corporate America, etc.
  • Establishes a scholarship fund for teens within the church and community
  • Develops and maintains a job bank referral system through its networking with community businesses such as fast food franchises, stores, banks, hospitals, nursing homes, and temporary agencies to restore individuals and families to gainful employment in the community
  • Plans and coordinates activities and events for the Human Services Ministry, a vital ministry active within the Family Life Ministries’ structure on Thursday nights, which is designed to provide for a diverse menu of services and resources
  • Seeks to maintain high visibility and public awareness of the existence and purpose of the Tree of Life Christian Ministries through various publications, articles, newsletters, magazines, and broadcast media.