Ministerial Internship

At the heart of ministerial internship is discipleship training. A church without an ongoing discipleship program, is a church in chaos, without direction, growth, or a future. Such conditions breed a stronghold for the spiritually anemic to feel good about the idea of going to hell without being aware they are on the trip. Ineffective in its ability to evangelize or grow spiritually, the church, like a ship without a rudder, is forced to yield to the currents of our time. Like the priest, the scribe, and the Pharisee, we have become modern day politicians. In order to keep our status and position, we go with whatever needs to be said or done to satisfy the desired direction of the people, rather than be dependent on the God we profess as our Savior and Lord.

Discipleship is a must for any serious contender of the faith in Jesus Christ. As a church, we must insist, by placing a burden of responsibility on all who join the church community, that everyone partake in this vital survivorship program. Programs that take into consideration, the New Birth, spiritual growth, and daily life application must be a part of the Christian diet.

From milk to meat to full of the Holy Ghost, discipleship is the integration by faith of a belief in Jesus Christ and the commandments taught by him absorbed into the very fiber of the rest of the life of all who embrace and follow the doctrines of Christ. Such belief bears a natural outcome as the broken spirit and contrite hearted experienced the ushering in of the Spirit and divine nature of God himself (Rom 8:11). Through such a relationship, continued study, and fellowship, the discipled are able to outline the gospel and move beyond the basics to full maturity and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, based upon faith, trust, obedience, and absolute reliance upon Him in the person of the Holy Spirit. Through the process of complete surrender to the Author and Finisher of our faith, the Holy Spirit is and becomes the bridge between spiritual truth and practical application into everyday life. The spirit man, renewed day by day, becomes increasingly devoted and is finally contagious enough to pass on the traditions of the faith to others. A master knows the disciplines and way of life, and a disciple who follows him takes on the image and likeness of his master.

Since the beginning of this church in 1993 God has Commissioned and Ordained 33 Ministers, Elders and Deacon’s to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some have remained to help within the walls of this church while others have moved on to start or help other ministries. We are proud of them all!