Death Certificates and Marriage Licenses 1 of 4


A Four Part Series.

The Cross Over from Law to Grace is about as complicated as it is simple to embrace when approached properly. Like a meteorite entering into earth's atmosphere, if the angle is too steep friction will disintegrate it before it reaches the ground, enter too shallow and it will bounce off the earths protective shield and back out into deep space.

Law to Grace when approached at the right angle will produce rich and long lasting rewards that only associate with truly embracing the Death, Burial, Ascension and Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

To the diligent, the personal revelation is incredible as you began to experience deep secrets and the disappearance and absence of life long struggles with the unwanted cravings of your flesh, without any self righteous efforts of your own.

You become more and more of what the Bible is and less and less of what the Bible says, as you will do naturally what the rest of the world attempts to do artificially making the death of Christ of none effect and vain.

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